Company profile

Foshan Qianyehong Ceramics Co., Ltd., located in the hinterland of ceramic capital of South China, Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, is a large ceramic manufacturer and a professional modern manufacturer of architectural ceramics with various specifications. Our company has abundant financial resources and advanced equipment, introduces 10 automatic ceramic production lines from Italy, and ensures the first-rate products.

Our company always advocates the natural and fashionable product design concept, endows the products with natural beauty and deep connotation and develops our own style. We lay stress on the integration of style and function, and launch the products including 3D Stone Series, Celebrity · Lombardy Series, Pearl Series, Royal Botticino Series, Lithoxylite Series, Lake Taihu Travertino Series, SMTH Series, Exquisite Jade Series and other high-grade ceramic polished tiles as well as mainstream products including high-grade tiles. Qianyehong products have strong cultural taste and fashionable style, and achieve the better integration with space and the perfect harmony between products and environment.

As the advocator of ceramic art design and fashion application concept, our company inherits the Chinese traditional ceramics culture with a history of one thousand years, researches the modern innovative design concept and advanced process of ceramics from Italy and Spain, creates high-quality ecological vitrified tiles more suitable for modern architectural decoration, and launches the excellent products.

As a large famous modern ceramics manufacturer, our company keeps pace with the international trend, keeps learning, research, introduction and absorption of the world’s advanced technology, and develops our own featured products. We firmly believe that where there is market there are our products. Now our products are widely applied to many domestic projects, win favor of foreign consumers, and are exported to South Korea, Argentina, Spain and Italy.

Our company uses the world’s advanced production equipment, organizes professional personnel to carry out production, strictly controls the working procedure, and clarifies the management responsibility. In addition, our company has been certified to ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System, and has obtained international and national honors and the certificate issued by Guangdong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision including China Green and Eco-friendly Ceramic, China Famous-brand and High-quality Product, Quality Trustworthy Product, Recommended Product for Construction and Building Materials in China, etc. The “radioactivity conforms to the standard for Category A decorative material and the production, marketing and range of application are unrestricted” through the inspection of Guangdong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. Our company takes “Passionate · Fascinated” as brand image, “Move People by Honesty · Survival by Credit · Good Selling by Innovation · Leading Position by Fast Action” as the operation tenet, and “Team · Service · Efficiency · Reciprocity” as the service concept, aims at the market mainstream, follows the trend of the times, and provides excellent products so as to decorate and manifest the personalized space.