Nanhai SAIDE Ceramics Co., Ltd. Focuses on the Healthy Breath and Delivers Positive Energy Through Actions.

Column: Company news Time:2016-06-22
Breath of Love—Nanhai SAIDE Ceramics Co., Ltd. Focuses on the Healthy Breath and Delivers Positive Energy through Actions.
SAIDE Marketing Department — Poem

Breath of Love—Nanhai SAIDE Ceramics Co., Ltd. Focuses on the Healthy Breath and Delivers Positive Energy through Actions.
SAIDE Marketing Department — Poem

On Nov. 4th, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Central Meteorological Bureau jointly released Green Paper on Climatic Change in 2013. It said that haze may increase mortality, exacerbate chronic diseases, worsen respiratory diseases, change pulmonary functions and structures, affect reproductive capacity, change structure of the body's immune, and etc. As air pollution has been brought into emergency management in many regions, people’s the awareness of indoor environment monitoring has also been enhanced. Statistics show that about 68% of human diseases relate to bedroom pollution, and the harm of indoor environment pollution to human body is multi-sided and diversified. With an obvious harm of indoor decoration pollution, the media and the relevant state departments constantly urge people to pay attention to indoor decoration pollution which has increasingly aroused people's toes. Now people are living in the contradiction of improving living environment and being afraid of harm, hence the indoor air pollution control will certainly get the favor of people. According to World Health Report in 2012 published by WHO, the indoor dust has been listed as top ten threat to human health together with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity. The report indicates that although air pollutants mainly exist in outdoors, people live indoor for a long time, so air pollution people suffered are mainly comes from the indoor air pollution. The “Burst Table” of PM2.5 has become the subject of much attention, as PM2.5 is recognized for the world's largest invisible killer.



Health is the eternal concerned topic of people. As the society develops and the quality of life improves gradually, people’s consciousness to self health care is more and more strong. As a ceramic enterprise, we provide not only products, but also added health values. On Aug. 26th, 2013, SAIDE Ceramics (including Jiadefu Ceramics, Haomeijia Ceramics, Qianyehong Ceramics, and JSAIDE Ceramic Plate) developed a theme activity under the theme of: Air pollution can be serious or mild; tile can be free of pollution, but it is not the only thing of home decoration; for consumers’’ health, we do our utmost to make ceramic tile environmental friendly by touching and smelling as well; and we not only sell tile, but also deliver healthy and free breathe access to those who love us. With honest attitude, pragmatic action and innovative thought, we turn to be a promoter and practitioner of green corporate citizenship in low carbon era. In the idea of “Health First for Modern People”, SAIDE Ceramics (including Jiadefu Ceramics, Haomeijia Ceramics, Qianyehong Ceramics, and JSAIDE Ceramic Plate), combining with the concept of air purifier, are committed to making our ceramic products healthier and greener. We infuse the concept of health and green into our brand and marketing philosophy, and pay close attention to customers’ needs. At the moment, people always want a harmless and safe living environment. As our living environment is more and more industrialized and urbanized, we are more urgent of healthy ceramic products and the value of customers also changes according. When buying ceramic products, what kind of product supporting concept should we use to impress consumers, to make our products more humanized, and to make an ordinary ceramic brand full of human care?

Why SAIDE Ceramics bring air purifier to consumers?

15 cigarettes—Giovanni medical college of Italy verified that the polluted air one breathes in Milan for one day equals to that of 15 cigarettes. Even the fashion capital of the world has so serious pollution, one can image the worsen condition of other cities.

Two times—The USEPA and the PHAC confirm that 68% of human diseases are caused by air pollution. So the medical treatment caused by air pollution is more than two times of that of other diseases totally.

Five times—The WHO confirms that the diseases caused by indoor air pollution is more than five times of that of outdoors. (70%-90% of people’s time is spend in indoors)

Eleven times—One breathes 13m3 air per day on an average, with 1.29kg/m3 in weight. It means one “drinks” 17kg air every day, which is eleven times of the weight of drinking water one drink. It tells us we would rather not drink pure water to breathe clean air!

Twenty times—The air indoors or in car equipped with air purifier is at least twenty times cleaner than the air in urban areas, and it even exceeds 100 times in those seriously polluted areas. We would rather not buy a nice apartment to buy a purifier!

30 years—The life scientist estimates that if there is no air pollution, the average life span around the world can be prolonged 30 years. So, we would rather to be moderate in eating and dressing to buy a purifier!

The air purifier adopts natural convection low temperature vaporization technology and can maintain a 45%-65% of comfort humidity. With low consumption, free pollution, It fully uses active water seamless sticky dust filtering for humidification, without need of changing filter screen and no secondary pollution. It is accessible to water, and can offer people with dust free, bacterium free, toxic free, harmless and fresh indoor air, just like being scrubbed by rain. And it also makes you breathe comfortably.

The current environment is increasingly filled with all kinds of information which can be received by consumers in daily life, but how do we use our own strength to reach its full potential in such a “troubled times”, to let environmental symbol different, to print the environmental protection mark in the consumers' subconscious, to breakthrough concept, and finally to let consumers choose our products and health care to his/her family at the same time?

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